KNL Networks offers free connectivity to crew members currently stuck on ships due to the COVID-19 Outbreak

March 27, 2020 in Announcements

The crew onboard vessels are currently experiencing uncertainty and very limited or no contact with their families and loved ones at home. While societies are in quarantine and people stay at home, crews at sea are isolated from the rest of the world both physically and in terms of information. In a pandemic such as the one our world is experiencing right now, we at KNL Networks take our responsibility to the community and the maritime industry seriously.

We at KNL are connecting vessels that are equipped with the KNL system to the rest of the world by opening a free-of-charge email service that connects the crew with their families and loved ones ashore. We will be directly in contact with the vessels to ensure that all vessels utilising KNL’s technology will be connected with the new service soon as possible.

As an enabler of reliable and affordable maritime IoT connectivity, KNL Networks is out on a mission to make vessels securely connected with the rest of the world. We understand that staying connected is not just about moving cargo, medicine and food. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, connectivity and communication have never been more vital. Steady reliable communication from all over the globe is critical and ensures the crew’s well-being and motivation in these challenging times.

The possibilities of IoT are influential in transferring data and making trade more efficient. However, in times like the Coronavirus pandemic IoT also showcases that it can have a humane impact on the way we connect with each other during times of difficulty. We strongly believe that communication is critical to ensuring crew motivation and well-being.

Today we have reached out all the vessels and shipping companies under KNL service to give them instructions on how to activate free crew connectivity. We are working hard on activating those accounts to show our support to seafarers around the globe. Also new systems can be installed on vessels even during the crisis, since KNL system can be installed by crew and requires no additional service personnel to visit the vessel.

If you are interested in hearing more about how KNL Networks can enable secure and steady connectivity on your vessel, please reach out to our team at Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

Toni Linden
CEO & Co-Founder

Maritime Industry After COVID-19 Pandemic

March 20, 2020 in Education

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is changing the world in ways yet unknown. What started as an epidemic in the Hubei region in China has now spread across national borders and is impacting the way we live, trade and move.

Maritime industry is in the core of this global turbulence which has an influence on world trade and economy, the financial sector, oil price and global supply chains. These are just a few mega trends impacting the whole industry.

What happens next? The status quo of the world as we know it has been disrupted and our societies and economies seem to no longer function in the way we are used to. It is impossible to predict what the outcome of the current situation will be, but we can be certain that it will transform the way our societies and businesses function. Coronavirus has showcased how fragile the systems that keep our societies working truly are. It can also teach us a valuable lesson about the possibilities and critical need to increase digitalisation through industrial IoT systems of the future.

The maritime industry can learn a lot from the ongoing crisis as well. Coronavirus will not be the last time the endurance of our societies will be tested.

The maritime industry can learn a lot from the ongoing crisis as well. Coronavirus will not be the last time the endurance of our societies will be tested. Currently, vessels that were isolated before are now even more isolated. It is likely that the need for remote capabilities will greatly increase and will become an essential function within the maritime sector. Already now we can see how difficult it is to keep operations ongoing when the industry is accustomed to requiring people to travel and visit vessels on a regular basis.

Remotely Supported Operations – The New Normal

The ongoing crisis will most likely change the way we work and how businesses are run. Humankind is clever, especially when there is a need to adapt and find new ways to keep things moving. In every crisis lies an opportunity. The COVID-19 pandemic can be an opportunity for the maritime industry to change the way the industry operates.

This can include limiting the need to fly people in and out around the world and physically access vessels whenever there’s anything to take care of. With modern ways of working operational efficiency and costs associated can be lowered drastically.

This also helps us to understand how important data is when there is a need to reach information quickly and adapt to new situations. Whenever there is a crisis, real-time access to data and visibility to an ongoing situation anywhere in the world is the key factor that separates the ones who survive and the ones who don’t.

KNL’ s Approach – WaveAccess

KNL Networks’ approach is the solution to these challenges and changes happening. KNL WaveAccess is a solution made for the maritime industry that consists of data acquisition and data transmission through different connectivity solutions and data-analysis. The solution can be customized according to the needs of the customer and the vessel in question without even needing to visit the vessel.

KNL COLLECT service caters to the maritime industry’s need for data acquisition through various signals collected from sources onboard the vessel. Essentially, any type of digital signal can be collected and transmitted onshore. The data can be then visualized and analyzed through KNL solutions or by third-party applications and visualization software. KNL has developed an open platform through which the data is available through an ISO-standardized interface.

KNL COLLECT service caters to the maritime industry’s need for data acquisition through various signals collected from sources onboard the vessel. Essentially, any type of digital signal can be collected and transmitted onshore.

The different applications available vary anywhere from vessel performance monitoring, vessel energy optimization, fleet management to asset tracking. For example, the application of vessel performance monitoring enables faster reaction to change in fuel consumption and can aid in conserving fuel. In addition to different applications, KNL offers automated alarms and alerts, which aid in the faster reaction time to changes detected through monitoring. Once again, this is possible without needing to visit the vessel physically and is available in situations where operations are otherwise limited.

Furthermore, KNL networks offers a reliable and secure way for data collection. The system offers a remote capability which ensures access to devices as well as processing of the signals. Access to the system is secure and can be used for altering configurations and even for adding possible signals sources to the system. The installation and set-up of the system can be done completely through remote commissioning. This results in immediate access to the data from onboard the vessel.

In the future the vision for the world seems more vulnerable and volatile to changes, and globalisation makes these changes fast paced. Humans affected by the virus will face other challenges such as mass migration or cyber threats. The solutions we create to keep our societies functioning and trade ongoing despite all of these possibilities is what ultimately defines our chances of succeeding in the rapidly changing world.