Public Safety, Security and Defense

KNL Networks communicationsolutions are for situations where failure is not acceptable. Whether it's a natural disaster, a peacekeeping mission, or a military operation, we have solutions for keeping you always online.

Independent network with the highest security

The CNHF radio system is a complete, infrastructure independent, MESH-radio network operating on the HF spectrum. For security and defence, CNHF offers long-range IP-based communications with the highest performance, security and reliability.

With our radio system, the user can establish their own independent communication network ranging from few kilometers to thousands of kilometers. This enables the required communications in military and humanitarian operations – just to name a few possible use cases.

Receive the whole HF frequency band simultaniously


Proprietary wide band ALE protocol


Built-in cognitive engine, which manages the spectrum automatically
Typical link establishment time less than 500ms
Data rates: 700-153000 bits/second, selected automatically in the RTS - CTS handshake

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