KNL Networks provides secure and affordable solutions for digitalizing your fleet. Our product modularity enables complete customisation according to customer needs with military-grade security.

Key benefits

Works with all signals onboard

Harmonized data from the fleet

Military-grade security

Interoperability to 3rd-party software

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Smart Digitalization

KNL Networks makes leveraging the potential of maritime digitalization easier than ever. With military-grade security, collecting and transferring the data from the vessel is safe. Our simple installation can be done by the crew and the maintenance can be done remotely KNL Networks operating center.

KNL Networks is on a mission to make maritime IoT smarter.

KNL Networks' solution utilizes one price, giving you the total cost of ownership with one monthly subscription fee. This means you only pay for the services you need and use.

Cruise smoothly with WaveAccess


Centralized collection of raw data and processing the data already on-board


Any type of data onboard can be transferred to shore and routed into apps 


On-shore processing of data; harmonized data from whole fleet level

We have designed a global dedicated secure end-to-end IoT solution for the maritime industry called WaveAccess.

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The Technology behind KNL Networks

KNL's Digitalization Solution - WaveAccess

Security - military grade

Furthermore, the solution is end-to-end encrypted starting from the data being collected on the vessel all the way to the data then integrated onto an application. KNL’s cognitive radio automatically identifies and avoids signal jamming by hostile third parties, increasing connectivity and operational safety.

KNL Network's Maritime Digitalization Solution

Using KNL Radio - Global network with pole-to-pole coverage

Each KNL system is part of a worldwide network of KNL Radios, which act as terminals or base stations, depending on their status or location. At sea, or in remote areas, a KNL Radio uses the high-frequency band to connect automatically to another KNL Radio that has a cellular connection.
Nearshore or in port, KNL Radios automatically connect directly to cellular. The KNL global network allows for multiple parties to securely access their equipment onboard a vessel.

IoT solution - independent channel

Using the KNL Radio enables you to have an independent communication method for the IoT data. A dedicated IoT solution means that you have an independent channel for the data which does not interfere with the existing communication methods onboard the vessel. Having a dedicated channel for the IoT data that doesn't intervene with any of the other communication methods onboard adds to the security of the solution.