KNL Maritime Data Security 


Guarantee business continuation when your competitors' networks go down.

Every day a new cyber threat comes after the shipping industry, knocking out communications, screwing up schedules, and causing expensive fixes to computer networks.

Elimiate risks and guarantee business continuation with KNL Networks.


Remove the human element

Despite how much training and anti-virus software you invest in, in just takes one accidental click in an email attachment to blow a hole in your operations.

Our recommendation? Give your crew their own satellite network and leave KNL for your critical machine-to-machine data channel, fleet tracking, and backup email communications solution.

We built KNL for defence-grade security. Talk to our sales team about how we can implement KNL securely for your fleet.

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It all starts with a secure device

Private and secret keys

The hardware unit has a unique secret key buried in its processor that kicks of the encryption chain, which is necessary to operate on our HF radio network or to begin delivering data through VPN tunnels over 3G internet. 

Trusted boot chain

The radio can only boot software which is digitally signed by KNL Networks. Every step in the boot process is verified originating from the processor itself.

Encrypted storage

Flash memory on the KNL Radio is decrypted only by its original processor, meaning it cannot be taken out of the device and analyzed. 

Software updates

The KNL radio delivered automatically, ensuring immediate fixes to any new vulnerabilities. 

Transmission security

All data which transmitted on HF frequency band is encrypted using AES 256 encryption algorithm. This includes transmission headers, addresses, vessel positions, and so on.

KNL's cognitive radio automatically identifies and avoids any signal jamming by hostile third parties,
increasing connectivity and our customers' operational safety.

Network Security

KNL global network is distributed by nature and has no single point of failure which could disable the network. As ships spend up to 40% of their time at ready or at port with cellular connections, there is always great number of base stations available for ships at sea. As correctly selected HF frequencies can travel up to thousands of kilometers, even blackout of cellular network in some countries does not disable the network. 

Base stations connect to KNL core network using VPN tunnel. Traffic to and from the CNHF radio to core network is encrypted using AES 256 encryption and stays inside the VPN tunnel until reaching KNL servers.

KNL servers are using Amazon AWS giving outstanding availability, defence against denial of service and cyber attacks.

Guarantee business continuation

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