Take control of your vendor integrations

Never ask "who's going to pay for the data?" again.

Take the headache out of smart intergrations by letting vendors pay for their own data requirements aboard your vessels.

  • For shipowners

    Maritime digitalization is coming, but it won't come overnight. To be ready for this next big change you need a long-term solution that works for both you and your technology providers.

    We've listened to our customers and will soon be launching a new feature called KNL Tokens, designed to make new integrations easy by allowing each vendor to pay for and prioritize their own data needs aboard your ship.

    To take part in testing, contact our sales team today.

  • For vendors

    Do your deal negotiations die down when the cost of data comes up? Never miss out on a sale again by integrating with KNL Tokens.

    Our solution is simple - you get access to the same cheap data rates as KNL Radio subscribers, plus the ability to prioritize your updates and downloads. By working together, it's our goal to lower data costs and help you deliver new solutions.

Maritime Digitalization requires new solutions for connectivity.


Data prioritization

Do you need data now? Or are you willing to wait until cheaper rates at port? KNL offers data when you need it.

Worldwide access

Connect to your machines and sensors, no matter where in the world they are.

Ready support

We're here to get you set up and answer any questions.

Contact Vendor integrations

Want to find out more as we conduct trials? Get in touch with our team here.