KNL Pricing

Hardware & Additional Data

The KNL Radio

The world's most advanced cognitive radio is designed to keep you securely connected to your vessels, no matter where they're located.

The KNL Service includes hardware, installation, global email service, fleet tracking, coastal internet, and 100MB monthly data included free each month. See more features here.

Additional data pricing can be found below.

Best for single vessels
Single KNL Radio

Per Month, USD.

  • Hardware & Installation
  • World Class support
  • 100 MB/month data incuded
  • Pay only for the data you use
  • Rolling billing period, 6 months notice.
KNL Fleet sales

Discount per month

  • Hardware and Installation
  • World class support
  • 100MB monthly data included
  • Custom solutions to solve any business need
  • Pay only for the data you use

Additional data

Additional data pricing tiers

No data plans, no limits.

We don't believe in fixed data quotas. Instead, we want to pass our data cost savings onto you.

Your first 100 MB are included free with each hardware subscription

Add +100MB when you think about total data, because each month we start you off with cost-free connectivity. 

Each tier unlocks a new price level

The more you use, the cheaper it gets. Whenever you hit a new milestone of data, the cost of your data drops. For example, if you use 1070 MB of data, all your month's data is charged at the 1000 MB rate. Then if you hit 1500 MB, your data costs drop again.

Just pay for what you use each month.

Each month your data resets back to zero. Don't pay for what you don't use.


We offer free* installation at the following ports:

KNL installation includes a GPS antenna, HF antenna, Transformer, and Cellular antenna.

Need KNL installed elsewhere? We offer installation worldwide for a $1,500 flat rate*. Contact for more info.

*Some restrictions apply. Shipping not included.

North America

Quebec City
Fort Lauderdale
Los Angeles
New York


Antwerp, Belgium
Hamburg, Germany
Piraeus, Greece
Rotterdam, Neatherlands
Gdansk, Poland
Gdynia, Poland
Algeciras, Spain
Aberdeen, UK
Rochester, UK


Hong Kong

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