The KNL Radio is a masterpiece of our engineering

We utilize the latest cognitive radio technologies for a unique and innovative alternative to satellite communications.

The result is a service that is simple, secure, and provides global coverage.


"It just works" in the field.

The radio just needs to be turned on, left on, and the KNL Radio will automatically find and use the best communication channel available to it.




Our Secure Mesh Network

Each KNL system is part of a worldwide network of KNL radios, which can act as a terminal or base station, depending on its status or location.

At sea, or in remote areas, the KNL Radio uses the High-Frequency band to connect automatically to another KNL Radio that has an internet connection. In cellular range nearshore or at port, the KNL Radio automatically connects directly to the internet.

Put simply, the ships nearshore support the ships at sea with their internet connection.



Our cognitive HF radio allows –for the first time– for businesses to take advantage of data sent over High Frequencies. Depending on atmospheric conditions, HF has a range of 10,000 KM. From pole to pole, typically each ship has dozens of available base station connections.

Despite its advantages, there are limitations to HF and it's not a direct replacement for some satellite use-cases. KNL HF is best suited for "packages" of data, such as email or IoT data, which do not directly require a TCP/IP connection. Talk to our sales team about custom solutions.

KNL Coastal Cellular Internet

When nearshore, the cognitive KNL Radio will automatically connect to cellular broadband. With 3G access in over 150 countries, your crew will have fast access while they get their papers in order.

KNL Coastal Internet typically has a maximum range of 30KM off the coast, meaning it's best suited for use when nearshore or at port. On top of giving the crew fast access while they get their papers in order, KNL Coastal is the important link to the internet for ships at sea.

HF and the Ionosphere

The map to the left shows the propagation coverage range of a hypothetical ship's KNL Radio, which has options to connect to ships acting as a base station from West Africa, to Greece, to India, to China.

The KNL Radio is cognitive, meaning that it will automatically select the best possible base station based on factors including the time of day, date, year, space weather, and the radio's coordinates.

If the signal the two radios select becomes jammed, the radios will quickly and automatically select another channel using our proprietary and patented protocol.

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