Fleet Tracking

KNL Fleet Tracking

Our Fleet Tracker sends home real-time information on location, speed, and heading. Use KNL Fleet Tracking on its own, or combine it with other sensor data.

Your fleet always pinging home.

AIS was game-changing technology for the shipping industry, but it isn't designed to keep you tracking your vessels at all times. That's why we include KNL Fleet Tracking with each radio.

By automatically pulling GNSS data from the KNL Radio, we keep you informed where your ships are, even when AIS is switched off.

High-fidelity data, delivered realtime.

No data gaps in blue water

KNL Fleet Tracking is always pinging home, no matter where in the world you are.

Location, Speed, and Heading data

Use our location data to manage real-time fleet operations back at headquarters.

Secure and silent channel

Are your captains turning off AIS transponders in sensitive areas? KNL Fleet tracking uses data encrypted over HF and tunneled through VPN to your office - meaning no one else can track your vessels.

Global coverage

KNL's Fleet tracker provides real-time location data on your vessels, no matter if they're above Svalbard, offshore of Antarctica, or anywhere in between. With KNL Networks you're always connected. 

Reduce non-productive time

Better data leads to better operations. KNL allows you to finally centralize your route and fuel managment in the head office.

Combine with other sensors for rich data

KNL's fleet tracking already tells you speed, location, and heading. So why not combine that data with the temperature of your boiler? With the KNL Radio, you have secure, always-on access to the data you need.

We're happy to chat about any integration questions you might have, just contact our sales team.

Fitting a vareity of tracking needs

KNL's alternative tracking solution is the option you're looking for. See how a few customers have used KNL, or get in touch with our sales team to see how we can adapt KNL Fleet Tracking to your needs.

Customer 1:
Shipbuilder warranty tracking

One of our customers is a shipbuilder who needs to ensure proper handling and testing of their equipment - especially during the warranty period. KNL Fleet Tracking provides the details on handling, while the KNL Radio gives a data channel for even more sensors.

Customer 2:
Tracking in an AIS Controlled area

One customer requires fleet tracking in a sensitive military area that places restrictions on AIS. With KNL they are able to control their operations with real-time location data.

Best of all? Fleet tracking is included with your subscription. With no data charges.

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