Your Maritime Digitalization strategy in a box.

Whether you're looking for a solution to better keep track of your assets, improve your operations, or just ensure that you've always got connectivity, KNL is your long-term partner in connectivity.

Global data - without the limitations of satellite

  • Data and Email connection through HF

    At sea or in remote areas, the KNL radio uses the High-Frequency band (HF) for long distance data communication. HF is a unique radio band that reflects off the ionosphere, allowing for long distance data communication over tens of thousands of kilometers. With HF, you're always in range of our global network of KNL base stations.

    KNL HF is an always-on connection. Just turn the radio on, and your team has access to your fleet, anywhere in the world.

  • Coastal internet

    While in range at port or up to 30km from the coast, the KNL Radio switches automatically to cellular broadband.

    With connections in 150+ countries, your vessels have fast access to send bulk data home or connect to the full internet while they get their papers in order.

    Regardless if the data is sent through your HF or Cellular antenna, you're still paying the same low rate.

Interested in our tech? Learn how our technology works on our technology page.

Stay in business, even when your competitors' communications go down.

How much would a cyber attack affect your operations? Keep your vessels protected with KNL's defense-grade security.

Your secure operations channel

Take out the risk factors in your network strategy by building a secure operations channel with KNL. With a dedicated machine-to-machine network for your vital operations, you can remove exposure to cyber attacks.

Learn more about KNL Security
VPN from start to finish

We tunnel all data that leaves your KNL radio through our VPN, and we encrypt all data using strong AES 256 encyrption.

Transmission security

The KNL Radio is cognitive, meaning it automatically chooses the best possible connections available. Interferance and jamming is automatically avoided by our cognitive HF system.

Automatic updates

We ensure you're always up-to-date though automatic software updates, digitally signed by KNL networks.

Fleet Tracking from pole to pole

The KNL Fleet Tracking portal keeps you always up-to-date where your vessels are located, even when AIS is switched off.

Your fleet at a glance

Keep your office updated at a glance by putting the Fleet Tracking overview on a screen.

KNL Fleet Tracking is a free service with each KNL Radio, and does not add to customer data comsumption.

Drill down into data

KNL's secure Fleet Tracking includes GPS location, vessel speed, and heading. Use it to estimate arrival times, or build rich location-based IoT data.

Going north? By using GPS data and HF, KNL can provide much more accurate positioning farther north than our competitors. 

Dig into KNL Fleet Tracking and how it can work for you.

KNL Global Email

Designed to work seamlessly with the KNL radio, our global email service keeps you connected to your crew, even when SATCOM fails.

Works anywhere in the world


Easy integration


VPN Secure


And with the most flexible pricing in the industry.

We start you out with the first 100MB free, and you'll notice your price/MB always gets cheaper when you use more data - not more expensive.

Free installation

KNL installation is fast, easy, and typically takes place during normal port operations. We're happy to get you set up in one of dozens of popular ports around the world.

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Industry leading pricing

Our progressive data pricing gets cheaper the more you use it each month. No data quotas and no bill shock when you need lots of connectivity. Better yet? Each month we include 100MB free with each KNL radio.

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Simplifying vendor data

Take the data cost negotiation out of your vendor contracts. KNL Networks supports multi-party payments so each vendor can pay for their own data aboard your vessels.

See how we work with vendor data

Add KNL to your fleet.


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