Defense and Security

KNL Networks has built the strongest independent network for secure communication to situations where failure is not acceptable. Whether it's a natural disaster or a military operation, we have the solution for keeping you online at all times.

Unstable connections are a risk to high security. KNL Networks’ defence and security solution provides operational reliability through a unique wideband HF mesh networking system. It is an independent and cyber-secure connection that is not reliant on satellite connection.

KNL’s radio system enables the user to establish their own independent communication network ranging from a few to thousands of kilometres. Furthermore, it is extremely complicated to cause interferences in the KNL system.

Independent network with the highest security

We dare to claim that KNL is the most reliable long-range solution available. The Cognitive Networked HF radio (CNHF) system is a complete, infrastructure independent, mesh-radio network operating on the HF spectrum.

For governments, defense and security, CNHF offers long-range communications with the highest performance, security and reliability. With our radio system, the user can establish their own independent communication network ranging from a few kilometers to thousands of kilometers.

All data, including system information, is encrypted and transmitted inside the proprietary system. Furthermore, its cognitive spectrum usage and extremely fast automatic link establishment  make it extremely resistant to jamming and hard target for signals intelligence, giving additional operational security.

KNL Networks’ radio system is fully automatic and it optimizes the frequency usage automatically.

The radio system is capable of operating as an independent network without GPS, network synchronization or any other infrastructure. Thus with built-in cellular, LAN, advanced network configurations can be established.

Radio receives the whole HF spectrum at once and has extremely fast link establishment - less than 500ms.

Physical layer adapts to existing conditions and provides data rates up to 153kbit/s over HF-radio.

  • The HF Radio (CNHF)

  • Purpose-built wideband SDR HF radio with an emphasis on cognitive features

  • Receives the whole HF band simultaneously

  • Bandwidths 1.8 – 24 kHz (Modulations: BPSK – 256QAM, data rates up to 153 kbit/s

  • Wide Band ALE with thousands of simultaneously listened calling channels

  • Cognitive spectrum usage

  • Built-in PA w/ max 250 W PEP

  • Built-in GNSS, 2xEthernet, 3G Cellular modem, WIFI

  • Type certified product


KNL Radio

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