The new standard in maritime IoT connectivity

KNL Networks is a managed networking platform built for maritime digitalization. It's all powered by our patented and proprietary communications technology. 

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Integrate with ease

KNL's managed networks take the hassle out of IoT integrations.

Support your bridge

New tools for communication outages & global fleet tracking independent from AIS.

It's all in the network

Find and add new integrations with ease 


You love efficiency. We love #SmartSailing.

Efficiency means better margins, better environmental impact, and smoother operations.

By adding our expertise and proprietary technology, we add to your efficiency by managing your IoT connections and data at extremely affordable rates.



Powered by the KNL WaveAccess Network

Our encrypted mesh network is the secret to affordable IoT connectivity.

Using our patented HF and Cellular radio technology, every ship in our network is part of a global communications network. Our HF radios have a range up to 10,000 KM, which connect to other ships nearshore in range of our cellular antennas.


Design-driven and perfect for modern startups

Stack offers a clean and contemporary to suit a range of purposes from corporate, tech startup, marketing site to digital storefront.

Case Studies and White Papers

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Delivering business value with KNL

White Paper

Hebridean Sky & Fleetrange

Case Study

Looking toward the future of HF Technology

White Paper