About KNL Networks

KNL Networks is the leader in satellite-independent communications. We're trusted by the maritime industry and disaster relief organizations who need reliable worldwide communications.

Engineering is in our blood

We think that every modern business should be connected, no matter where in the world they operate. We've poured years of research into the KNL Radio to do what no one else has been able to do: to provide reliable worldwide communications, without satellites, at reasonable data rates.

Our mission is to be the catalyst for maritime digitalization. We build the connections between ships and shore, and between machines and databases. 

What's in a name?

Kyynel, or tear in Finnish, was a lightweight portable long-range patrol radio designed and used by Finns during the Second World War. As probably the best patrol radio available during WWII, the Kyynel radio’s communication could reach up to 600km. Some could say it was Finland's first wireless communication advantage, long before Nokia.

The name of the radio has two explanations: A typical operating position of the unit was somewhere in the deep forest under big trees -which, in peacetime Finland, would have been an ideal place for an illegal booze factory (in Finnish: “korpikuusen kyynel”).

Another, perhaps more technical translation, was that when the radio was turned on, it made a chirpy noise that sounded as if the radio was weeping. Luckily the new Kyynel, however, doesn’t have this problem.

As followers in this engineering heritage, we first named our company Kyynel LTD. Today, for the sake of non-Finns pronouncing our name, we've changed our name to KNL Networks.

Let's make big things happen together.

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