KNL Networks and FLICQ collaborate to reduce costs for the maritime sector

April 29, 2020 in Announcements

KNL Networks, a real-time IoT communications network provider with global coverage, and FLICQ Inc., a company providing a remote asset monitoring solution, announce today a partnership to help maritime customers digitalize their operations to reduce costs and ensure their fleets are in optimal condition.

Digitalization is a growing trend as technology becomes better, benefits are clearer and barriers to implementation are reduced. However, a combination of legacy systems, complex installations, lack of standardization and affordable connectivity means the maritime sector has been slower in digitizing their operations. KNL and FLICQ’s collaboration aims to change that.

The collaboration brings to market an easy-to-install, low-cost solution for real-time condition monitoring and predictive analytics of vessel machinery. Here is how it works: The crew attaches a FLICQ SmartEdge sensor to the asset magnetically, the sensor records the asset data and processes it using AI algorithms to extract actionable insights. The sensors transmit these insights to KNL’s COLLECT device, which then transmits the insights to the crew via the onboard network and to the fleet owners onshore via KNL’s pole-to-pole network.

With this information, customers can reduce maintenance costs, prevent machinery breakdowns and schedule repairs in advance to reduce their time in port and get them back to sea quicker.

“Our collaboration with FLICQ brings to the market a turn-key solution that can transform fleet operations. By combining our solutions, we are able to provide real-time visibility into the health of our customers’ assets and, ultimately, of their operations. By alerting them early of any developing problems we can ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness to save them time and money”, says Toni Lindén, CEO of KNL Networks.

“Monitoring remote assets, especially in the maritime sector, can deliver tremendous value but has historically been a challenge due to the cost and complexity of owning currently available solutions,” says Karthik Rau, CEO of FLICQ. “Our partnership with KNL Networks will help us quickly deliver on our vision to simplify asset monitoring in the maritime sector. Together, we bring expertise in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, security and connectivity enabling a truly end-to-end asset monitoring solution.”

To learn more about the solution or about scheduling a demo, please contact:

Jasmin Al Amir
Head of Solution Sales, KNL Networks

Remy Lannelongue
Director of Business Development, FLICQ

KNL Networks offers free connectivity to crew members currently stuck on ships due to the COVID-19 Outbreak

March 27, 2020 in Announcements

The crew onboard vessels are currently experiencing uncertainty and very limited or no contact with their families and loved ones at home. While societies are in quarantine and people stay at home, crews at sea are isolated from the rest of the world both physically and in terms of information. In a pandemic such as the one our world is experiencing right now, we at KNL Networks take our responsibility to the community and the maritime industry seriously.

We at KNL are connecting vessels that are equipped with the KNL system to the rest of the world by opening a free-of-charge email service that connects the crew with their families and loved ones ashore. We will be directly in contact with the vessels to ensure that all vessels utilising KNL’s technology will be connected with the new service soon as possible.

As an enabler of reliable and affordable maritime IoT connectivity, KNL Networks is out on a mission to make vessels securely connected with the rest of the world. We understand that staying connected is not just about moving cargo, medicine and food. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, connectivity and communication have never been more vital. Steady reliable communication from all over the globe is critical and ensures the crew’s well-being and motivation in these challenging times.

The possibilities of IoT are influential in transferring data and making trade more efficient. However, in times like the Coronavirus pandemic IoT also showcases that it can have a humane impact on the way we connect with each other during times of difficulty. We strongly believe that communication is critical to ensuring crew motivation and well-being.

Today we have reached out all the vessels and shipping companies under KNL service to give them instructions on how to activate free crew connectivity. We are working hard on activating those accounts to show our support to seafarers around the globe. Also new systems can be installed on vessels even during the crisis, since KNL system can be installed by crew and requires no additional service personnel to visit the vessel.

If you are interested in hearing more about how KNL Networks can enable secure and steady connectivity on your vessel, please reach out to our team at Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

Toni Linden
CEO & Co-Founder

Finnish Meteorological Institute to use KNL Networks for improving Arctic maritime operations

June 5, 2018 in Announcements

To boost the development of services supporting navigation and communication in the Arctic, the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) will start using KNL Networks solutions. This enables the delivery of digital ice maps to support vessels in Arctic operations, and helps to solve communication needs in areas unreached by communication satellites.

These new operations began as part of Finland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council, where FMI leads the priority ”Meteorological collaboration”. One of the projects within this priority is the FIN-YOPP (Year of Polar Prediction) Project. Here weather and ice condition data will be collected and processed by FMI Sodankylä National Satellite Data Center and transmitted near-real time through KNL Networks’ radio to selected ships operating in the Arctic region.

Powering arctic data communication

KNL Networks’ cognitive radio offers unique technology for long-distance data communication. Derived from years of research at the University of Oulu, KNL Networks has solved the technological challenges of using HF for reliable data communication. Each radio can act either as a base station (when connected to the internet through cellular or a wired connection) or as an endpoint (typically when out at sea). Each radio has a range of up to 10,000 KM and can find a connection to the internet from anywhere in the world.

As part of the program, FMI has purchased three of KNL Networks’ radios. Two sets will be installed aboard vessels operating in the Arctic, and one used as a base station operating out of the University Center in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

Additionally, space weather observations as part of the TomoScand system will be used to support KNL’s outlines for monitoring HF signal strength.


May 24, 2018 in Announcements

Kongsberg Digital and Finnish maritime communications technology developer KNL Networks have joined forces to offer a low cost, secure connectivity solution on the Kognifai digital platform. 

Vigleik Takle, VP and Commercial Manager at KDI said, “We are thrilled to include KNL Networks in our rapidly growing ecosystem of partners. One of the barriers for digitalisation in Maritime sector has been related to the high connectivity cost of satellite connection. Through our partnership with KNL we can offer the option of a low cost connectivity solution, and thereby accelerate the digital transformation and enable our customers to start harness the tremendous value that lies in their data.

KNL’s unique hybrid technology integrates a state-of-the-art HF radio with cellular broadband, providing always-on data connectivity when at sea, and high-speed broadband when nearshore. Built from the ground up with military-grade security, KNL is built for the new wave of maritime digitalization with a unique channel for long-distance data communication and pole-to-pole coverage.

Toni Linden, CEO of KNL Networks said, “One look at what’s offered on the Kognifai Digital platform and you can see how much data ships at sea are producing through sensors and smart reporting. KNL networks knows that tomorrow’s maritime industry requires a revolutionary new data solution and services, and we’re proud to be part of Kongsberg Digital’s Kognifai platform .”

Learn more about Kognifai

About Kongsberg Digital 

Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, oil and gas, and renewables and utilities. The company consists of more than 500 software experts with leading competence within the internet of things, smart data, artificial intelligence, maritime simulation, automation and autonomous operations. Kongsberg Digital is one of three business areas of KONGSBERG, an international, knowledge-based group delivering high technology.

About KNL Networks

KNL Networks is an Oulu, Finland-based company that has created an independent secure network for maritime connectivity. By combining a state-of-the-art HF radio for long-range data communication and global cellular data for near-shore internet, KNL Networks is designed for the digitalization of the maritime industry. We believe that the shipping industry, like any modern business, should always be connected.


March 7, 2018 in Announcements

7.3.2018 – COPENHAGEN – KNL Networks announces it has opened a new office in Copenhagen’s shipping cluster, accommodating growth and enabling the company to better support new customers. The new address will be used to not only expand KNL’s geographic footprint, but also to help the company tap into the area’s rich talent pool to fulfil the company’s growth strategy as it expands its data communications network.

Currently, KNL Networks’ HQ and R&D center is located in Oulu, Finland with a sales and support teams based in Helsinki, Oslo, and London. KNL Networks currently has a headcount of 33 employees.

“The decision to expand into Copenhagen’s shipping cluster is a natural part of our strategy,” says Toni Linden, CEO of KNL Networks. “We’ve built a revolutionary new communication solution for the shipping industry and it pays to be in close contact as we strengthen the maritime industry’s security and digitalization options.”

The new office is located at Strandvejen 60, 2900 Hellerup. Contact for more information. 

About KNL Networks
KNL Networks is an Oulu, Finland-based company that has created the first real alternative to satellite systems for maritime connectivity. By combining a state-of-the-art HF radio for long-range data communication and global cellular data for near-shore internet, KNL Networks is designed for the digitalization of the maritime industry. We believe that the shipping industry, like any modern business, should always be connected. More information at





March 1, 2018 in Announcements

Last night it was announced that KNL Networks was one of the first two winners of Wärtsilä’s SparkUp Challenge, an initiative by the maritime industry specialist to find innovative startups and to develop ideas for the smart shipping value chain. Out of 150 applicants, 11 startups made the shortlist to pitch and answer questions at the Wärtsilä Ventures event in Helsinki.

Starting in March, the KNL Networks team will collaborate over four months at the Wärtsilä Digital Acceleration Center and will receive a capital grant of €50,000. KNL will be joined by, a collaboration platform that logs incoming and outgoing ships in ports, and optimises port operations.

“I think KNL has giant potential, and what I like most about their solution is that they have their own hardware from point to point, as well as their own cyber security, so nothing needs to be done over the internet,” says Jörgen Strandberg, member of the jury and General Manager Advanced Technology in Wärtsilä Marine Solutions in Wärtsilä’s statement.

“Both winning start-up companies are perfectly positioned to deliver our smart marine vision. This start-up collaboration will accelerate our business and help to create new value for our customers. I see it as being a strategically important step for Wärtsilä,” said Saku Mäihäniemi, member of the jury and Head of Digital of Wärtsilä Services.

More information can be found on Wärtsilä’s statement. Questions for KNL can be fielded through


November 1, 2017 in Announcements

OULU, FINLAND –  KNL Networks, the only alternative to satellite for maritime data communication, announces the board of directors has appointed Jorgen Peter Rasmussen as the company’s new Chairman.

Rasmussen, who is new to the KNL board, brings with him 34 years of experience in Oilfield services, Shipping, and IT services. Most notably, he’s spent 25 years in different top management jobs at Schlumberger Limited, was instrumental in the creation of Seawell Limited and Archer Limited, and brings with him a long career in Chairing technology companies.

At KNL Networks, Rasmussen will help build a strong team, guide the future strategy, and lead the board to support the company’s founders to complete the Internet at Sea and provide access everywhere at sea.

Rasmussen comments, “I joined KNL Networks because they have a great vision, unique technology, and dedicated people. I look forward to working with the team to build a global company assisting the business worlds of shipping, offshore, and defense/security with Internet access anywhere!”

With KNL Networks providing 99% service availability across the globe since April, the company is now focused on working with the most advanced shipping companies that are leveraging IoT data and autonomous hardware for smarter operations.

As one example, Norwegian shipping company Klaveness announced this September that it is running a pilot program with KNL to substitute traditional satellite communications with long-range terrestrial radio for the data collected by autonomous hardware. The potential of KNL is for every shipping company to lower their operating costs through the cost-efficiency and reliability of the KNL radio. The company’s technology has also recently been used in partnership with Fleetrange to provide ice and weather conditions in the Arctic, an area unreachable by satellite.

Toni Linden, CEO of KNL Networks comments, “It became clear in our first conversation just how much valuable knowledge and connections Jorgen brings to the table. Right now is one of the most exciting periods since we founded KNL. Our technology is the perfect match for maritime digitalization, and the shipping industry is hungry for someone to solve their connectivity constraints.”


About KNL Networks
KNL Networks is an Oulu, Finland-based company that has created the first real alternative to satellite systems for maritime connectivity. By combining a state-of-the-art HF radio for long-range data communication and global cellular data for near-shore internet, KNL Networks is designed for the digitalization of the maritime industry. We believe that the shipping industry, like any modern business, should always be connected. Find out more at


October 3, 2017 in Announcements

PRESS RELEASE 3. October 2017: Finnish maritime innovators Fleetrange and KNL Networks have successfully pioneered in providing cost-efficient Arctic situational awareness using a unique combination of IoT, Cloud and 3G/HF hybrid telecommunications technology. The solution includes up-to-date weather-, ice-, ship tracking and sensor data and sustains critical email communications in areas where satellite communications are expensive,unreliable or non-existent.

Fleetrange Ltd, a rising star of the Finnish maritime startup-scene, and KNL Networks, a revolutionary telecommunications company, have successfully solved Arctic situational awareness and communications challenges with their combined “Fleetrange with KNL” solution. The companies are also allegedly the first in the world to provide Arctic maritime situational awareness, IoT and communications using technology independent of satellites.

The technology trial has successfully been completed onboard Salén Ship Management’s luxury Expedition Cruiser “Hebridean Sky” during her Arctic season around Svalbard. The trial included the Fleetrange IoT cloud platform which uses KNL’s long-range – up to 10 000 km – 3G/HF hybrid communications technology to provide Arctic situational awareness between the ship and shore side office as well as sustaining critical operational email communications for the Captain.

“Fleetrange and KNL has always been a big help on our entire stay in Svalbard, especially on those areas that we don’t get any signal at all with the VSAT, by receiving the updated Ice Charts and Weather Forecasts in GRIB files, it truly helped us. I am impressed with how useful the HF email is when nothing else is available to connect and contact from the head office, supports, etc. And it enabled us to send reports despite the loss connection on our VSAT,“ – says Dindo L. Talon, IT Officer of M/S “Hebridean Sky”

“Ships in the Northern Arctic waters have been relying on non-existent or lower quality and expensive digital satellitecommunications for a long time. It is truly amazing for us tobe able to change this and be the pioneers with KNL in providing high availability digital communications and situational awareness solutions for these harsh waters”, – says Henrik Ramm-Schmidt, CEO and Founder of Fleetrange Ltd.

“At KNL our mission is to free the maritime industry from connectivity constraints, and this trial with Hebridean Sky is a great example of fulfilling that vision. Together with Fleetrange, we’re proud to have provided the key link of communication and content where satellite is unavailable,” says Toni Lindén, CEO and Founder of KNL Networks.

The trial was conducted during Hebridean Sky’s Arctic season 2017, where the ship was fitted with KNL’s patented and revolutionary cognitive and software defined radio equipment and Fleetrange IoT units. The Fleetrange cloud-based situational awareness solution was used to deliver up-to-date weather data and ice charts automatically to the ship and receiving IoT sensor data from the ship. The communication and awareness solution was systematically tested and monitored during the trial, which took the ship around Svalbard and all the way to the Arctic ice edge.

The “Fleetrange with KNL” solution is based on a unique combination of cost-efficient IoT and Cloud technology,where the ship sends IoT data, such as location, surrounding AIS-traffic and motion, and receives up-to-date weather and ice data from shore using KNL’s 3G/HF hybrid communications technology. KNL’s technology, in itself, isbased on an automated cognitive mesh-type radio network, where ships within 3G coverage act as base stations for shipsfurther out at sea at distances of up to 10 000 km. KNL technology is completely independent from communication satellites and offers a cost-efficient, global and cyber secure channel for email and IoT data.




Fleetrange Ltd

Fleetrange is an innovative Finnish maritime IT-startup with the mission to intelligently connect fleets and people with data, regardless of time, place, or device. Fleetrange solutions are firmly based on cost-efficient, simple, and visual real-time operational awareness.

KNL Networks Oy

KNL Networks is a Finnish telecommunications company offering the world’s first true alternative to satellite-based digital communications. The company’s hybrid solution utilizes 3G and long-range HF-radio waves together with a cognitive mesh-type radio network and provides always-on connectivity to shipping, enabling and improving business and digitalisation.

Salén Ship Management

Salén Ship Management is a ship management company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our mission is to manage small expedition and destination cruise ships at a very high standard.  Salén Ship Management strives to run a hands-on operation with a permanent staff which include captains, chief engineers and hotel managers who share their time between ship and shore. Our team of people has vast experience from shipping, small ship cruising and maritime law. One of the founders is from the Swedish shipping family Salén – hence the name.

Salén Ship Management has the technical and hotel management of Island Sky, Caledonian Sky and the newest acquisition Hebridean Sky. These excellent destination cruise ships carry 114 to 118 passengers and are on long-term charter to Noble Caledonia in London.


September 18, 2017 in Announcements


We’ve seen firsthand how better access to data leads to better outcomes for the shipping industry. That’s why we’re proud to be working with Klaveness, who we see as one of the most forward-thinking shipping companies when it comes to maritime digitalization.

With new maritime automation systems installed, Klaveness is now running a pilot program with KNL on three of Klaveness’ combination carriers. KNL will be used to stream data to shore instead of relying solely on satellites.

Christian Hovden, Project Manager Automation in Klaveness says, “With this setup our combination carriers can report data 24/7, and not only when they are close to shore. These regular transmissions have the potential to greatly improve the value of the data collected, but the system also allows us to have data transmitted in real-time from the automation system.”

Read the full article on Klaveness’ website.


September 15, 2017 in Announcements

We invite you to join us 29 Sep 2017 from 2.00pm to 6.00pm at the Marina at Keppel Bay in Singapore for Disruptive Communication Discovery Day.

Hosted by our partners in Singapore, Jason Marine, we’ll be providing a sneak peek into the future of Maritime Communications and will show off the capabilities KNL Networks can provide, along with our friends at GTMARITIME.

We invite you to attend by RSVPing on Jason Marine’s website. Free flow coffee and tea will be provided. We’re looking forward to meeting you!