Company Background

Klaveness is a family-owned shipping company that is today the leading service provider to the global dry bulk industry. Torvald Klaveness operates close to 135 vessels, which carry about 65 million tonnes of cargo annually.

Communication needs:

Klaveness’ is one of the most technology-forward shipping companies in the Nordics, and their combination carriers required constant data monitoring of the engine room to support their automation projects. By adding KNL, Klaveness targeted improved visibility of operating conditions and better maintenance planning.

Klaveness on KNL:

Christian Hovden, Project Manager Automation in Klaveness said,

“With this setup our combination carriers can report data 24/7, and not only when they are close to shore. These regular transmissions have the potential to greatly improve the value of the data collected, but the system also allows us to have data transmitted in real-time from the automation system.”

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