Hebridean Sky & Fleetrange

Company background:

Hebridean Sky is an all-suite yacht accommodating up to 104 guests. Built in 1992, refurbished 2014 and again in 2016, the ship makes adventure cruises around the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. 

Communication requirements:

The trial was conducted during Hebridean Sky’s Arctic season 2017, where the ship was fitted with KNL’s patented and revolutionary cognitive and software defined radio equipment and Fleetrange IoT units. In partnership with Fleetrange, their cloud-based situational awareness solution was used to deliver up-to-date weather data and ice charts automatically to the ship and receiving IoT sensor data from the ship. The communication and awareness solution was systematically tested and monitored during the trial, which took the ship around Svalbard and all the way to the Arctic ice edge.

The Hebridian Sky captain on KNL with Fleetrange

Dindo L. Talon, IT Officer of M/S “Hebridean Sky” says,

“Fleetrange and KNL has always been a big help on our entire stay in Svalbard, especially on those areas that we don’t get any signal at all with the VSAT, by receiving the updated Ice Charts and Weather Forecasts in GRIB files, it truly helped us. I am impressed with how useful the HF email is when nothing else is available to connect and contact from the head office, supports, etc. And it enabled us to send reports despite the loss connection on our VSAT.“

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