For years Telenor Maritime has provided secure connectivity to cruise, ferry, and offshore industries. Soon, their vision for global connectivity at sea may be completed with the acquisition of KNL Networks.

Due to technological and topographic challenges, a full-fledged offer to the merchant fleet sector has been challenging to deliver, until now. On 20th of November, Telenor Maritime has reached an agreement to acquire 100 % of the shares in KNL Networks, a Finnish tech company, which has developed a unique system providing data access through a secure mesh network around the globe for maritime and critical communication markets. With this technology and Telenor Maritime’s expertise, the merchant fleet’s missing link is finally in place: a dedicated end-to-end channel for reliable, secure, and above all affordable access to business-critical information.

Enabling a more sustainable future

Telenor Maritime’s vision of a greener future in the maritime industry has taken a big leap forward with the acquisition of KNL Networks” says CEO of Telenor Maritime Lars Erik Lunøe. “This affordable technology provides the industry with a unique opportunity to utilize digitized solutions, enabling them to make data-driven decisions, improve efficiency, gain competitive advantage, and work towards a greener, more sustainable future” he continues.

Constantly pursuing the elimination of the “digital divide” between the offshore and onshore industries, Telenor Maritime can now provide the same quality of experience at sea as on land to the whole maritime sector, increasing its profitability through operational excellence.

Lars Erik Lunøe Telenor Maritime
Lars Erik Lunøe CEO of Telenor Maritime

Unique offering to the maritime sector

By acquiring KNL networks and combining the competences of both companies, Telenor Maritime will be able to offer end-to-end managed services for the maritime market, including global access and access management of operation-critical data and cyber security.

“This positioning is unique in the maritime sector, making Telenor Maritime the only one stop shop for digital transformation of maritime industry. We’re excited about the opportunity to join forces with Telenor Maritime and to become a part of Telenor Group – a company that has over a century of history in the field of connectivity and reputation of being a trusted partner. I am confident that together we can lead the way of digitalizing maritime and help our clients on their digital transformation journey, as well as strengthen our position as a trusted partner to our customers in the critical communication segment” says Toni Lindén, CEO KNL Networks.

Arendal has a long-standing maritime history. It was one of the largest and richest Norwegian naval ports during the 18th and 19th centuries. Telenor Maritime is proud to put Arendal back on the naval map as the centre of innovation for improving tomorrow’s maritime industry.

Toni Linden KNL Networks
Toni Linden CEO of KNL Networks

Maritime traditions leading the innovation

Based in Arendal, Telenor Maritime has since 2004 been at the forefront of developing and defining secure connectivity standards for the maritime business. Today it is the leading global communications partner at sea, serving in excess of 100 ship owners, and 30 million people on board more than 500 vessels and offshore installations worldwide. Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators, connecting 180 million customers in 9 markets.

“KNL Networks is an innovative and agile company. I am impressed with their technology and competence. Together we will use the combined capabilities to advance our competitive position”

Lars Erik Lunøe

Contact information

Lars Erik Lunøe
+47 909 73 006

Toni Lindén
CEO / KNL Networks
+358 50 586 7161