OULU, FINLAND –  KNL Networks, the only alternative to satellite for maritime data communication, announces the board of directors has appointed Jorgen Peter Rasmussen as the company’s new Chairman.

Rasmussen, who is new to the KNL board, brings with him 34 years of experience in Oilfield services, Shipping, and IT services. Most notably, he’s spent 25 years in different top management jobs at Schlumberger Limited, was instrumental in the creation of Seawell Limited and Archer Limited, and brings with him a long career in Chairing technology companies.

At KNL Networks, Rasmussen will help build a strong team, guide the future strategy, and lead the board to support the company’s founders to complete the Internet at Sea and provide access everywhere at sea.

Rasmussen comments, “I joined KNL Networks because they have a great vision, unique technology, and dedicated people. I look forward to working with the team to build a global company assisting the business worlds of shipping, offshore, and defense/security with Internet access anywhere!”

With KNL Networks providing 99% service availability across the globe since April, the company is now focused on working with the most advanced shipping companies that are leveraging IoT data and autonomous hardware for smarter operations.

As one example, Norwegian shipping company Klaveness announced this September that it is running a pilot program with KNL to substitute traditional satellite communications with long-range terrestrial radio for the data collected by autonomous hardware. The potential of KNL is for every shipping company to lower their operating costs through the cost-efficiency and reliability of the KNL radio. The company’s technology has also recently been used in partnership with Fleetrange to provide ice and weather conditions in the Arctic, an area unreachable by satellite.

Toni Linden, CEO of KNL Networks comments, “It became clear in our first conversation just how much valuable knowledge and connections Jorgen brings to the table. Right now is one of the most exciting periods since we founded KNL. Our technology is the perfect match for maritime digitalization, and the shipping industry is hungry for someone to solve their connectivity constraints.”


About KNL Networks
KNL Networks is an Oulu, Finland-based company that has created the first real alternative to satellite systems for maritime connectivity. By combining a state-of-the-art HF radio for long-range data communication and global cellular data for near-shore internet, KNL Networks is designed for the digitalization of the maritime industry. We believe that the shipping industry, like any modern business, should always be connected. Find out more at www.knlnetworks.com