The state-of-the-art radio for maritime data access,
security, and digitalization.

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Can you risk not having an alternative to satellite?

Your customers rely on your vessels for smooth and predictable operations. So always stay connected to your fleet with KNL Networks' global coverage, unmatched security, and new data solutions for IoT@sea.

With KNL's state-of-the-art HF Radio, there's finally an alternative to satellite for data at sea.


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New technology. New solutions.

Guarantee business continuation against hackers and network failure

» KNL Data Security

Pole-to-pole coverage and unparalleled access to your vessels.


Collect real-time data and use it in completely new ways


Be connected to your fleet

HF for data communications

Our R&D has greatly improved the speed and reliability of HF for data communications, giving each radio a two-way connection range of roughly 10,000 kilometers.

Industrial mesh network

Each radio can act both as a base station (when in cellular range), and as an endpoint (when out at sea). The result is unmatched reliablity and global access. 

100MB included free each month.

When it comes to data, we don't believe in quotas, limits, or restrictions. In fact, we believe your maritime data rates should get cheaper the more you use it.

KNL pays for itself from day one with free installation at 21 ports worldwide.

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Delivering business value with KNL

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Looking toward the future of HF Technology

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  • “Winner of the 2016 innovation award”
    Arctic Shipping Forum
  • “Winner of the 2017 Innovation Award”
    Shipping 2020 Europe